Event 1

Written by Purple Roach
Art by DarkShadow

Commentary by “Triple A” Amazing Allison Andrews__

1st Event: Maiden Voyage

Hi everyone! Amazing Allison Andrews here to give you the move by move and blow by blow coverage of the first GRWF event: Maiden Voyage!

Me and the girls here at GRWF have been waiting a long time for this night. My mom, Jaguar Janet, has been training us hard and really working us overtime to give each other (and you of course) the best match possible. I gotta tell ya, she’s a real slave driver! I swear my legs were going to fall off from all those dropkicks and scissorholds she had us practice!

Well it was all worth it because the first GRWF event was spectacular! The bumps and bruises we gave each other are nothing compared to the fun we had this first night!

Ok, now that you’re settled in let’s get to our first match of the evening: My BFF Genie Charlotte and my favorite cousin in the whole wide world Jaycee Terrace. Genie’s got a lot of hot holds and mat attacks but Jaycee is pure power with her crushing slams and spectacular splashes! Two very different styles used by two very different ladies. Let’s see how they fair one on one folks!

Match #1 – Genie Charlotte vs. Jaycee Terrace

Genie entered the ring first with all her token glitz and glam. She skipped and pranced to the ring and tossed her super cool jet black robe to my mom Jaguar Janet. Who really didn't look too happy about being Genie's impromptu ring aide. She climbed through the ropes and blew a few kisses our way as she happily skipped to her corner to stretch out. Jaycee entered next from the left dressing room, all business as usual. She stepped into the ring calmly and gave Genie a real cocky smile as she walked to her corner. Genie ignored it and just continued to do her leg stretches. Jaycee rested against the turnbuckle with her arms on the ropes waiting for the bell impatiently.

Mom was the ref for this match. She went over the rules, had the girls shake hands and leaned outside to ring the bell. The first match of the GRWF was underway!

Genie bounced off the corner and stepped right up to the center of the mat, rolling her shoulders and cracking her neck, ready for a good fight. Jaycee hopped forward and kept her eyes on Genie as she made her way to the center. They circled each other slowly and locked up. Jaycee was in control from the start. The moment they slapped each other’s shoulders, Genie started to cringe and sag backwards. She put up a good fight for sure though. She pressed herself straight against Jaycee’s body and pushed with all her might. But Jaycee’s was just too strong and with a good shove, launched Genie into the turnbuckle.

Genie gasped and took a second to catch her breath. Jaycee was on her quickly however and drove a solid knee home to her gut. Genie bent over in pain as all the breath (really loudly!) left her body. Jaycee didn’t let up and drove another one home. My mom broke the girls up and moved Jaycee back to the center of the ring. Genie fell to her knees and sagged against the corner ropes trying to catch her breath. She looked alot less confident now for sure. yeah a couple gut shots will do that girl!

Back on her feet, Genie cautiously circled Jaycee. The girls locked up once again and once again Jaycee was in total control. She scooped up poor Genie, bodyslammed her tiny butt to the mat, and gave her a solid legdrop across the chest. Hogan style! Moving quickly, she covered Genie for a pin.

1…2…but Genie escaped with a raised shoulder.

Undeterred, (there’s a word I never use) Jaycee grabbed a handful of Genie’s long blue locks, pulled her up and snapmared her back onto the mat. Genie tried to sit up but met with Jaycee’s foot instead, as she was kicked right back down. Jaycee tried for a pin again, this time a full body, but Genie bridged out before a 2 count.

Jaycee rolled away from her and Genie, with a quick burst of adrenaline, leapt for her from the mat. She managed to strike her left hamstring and brought the big girl down with her to the mat. She took the advantage quickly and climbed on top of the uncrowned Queen, trying to get her into a folding pin. Not sure what Genie was thinking really, cause if it’s one thing you don’t EVER want to do it’s try to grapple with Jaycee. That girl's a beast with headlocks!

She broke free almost instantly and forced Genie onto her skinny shoulders. Genie whimpered and whined but Jaycee had her crushed into the mat. With a big fierce knee to Genie’s inner thigh, Jaycee was proving herself the better woman once again. Genie couldn’t do anything to stop the assault but pull at Jaycee’s hair and suit. Oh come one Genie girl really? A few more brutal knees ended that nonsense quick before mom had to step in though and once more Genie was on her back and near defeat.

Jaycee slammed poor Genie’s shoulders to the mat hard and mom started her pin count. It got to, like, two and three quarters before Genie bridged out once more. Frustrated, Jaycee got up and pulled feisty Genie across the ring by her legs. Dropping them in the center of the ring, Jaycee jumped into the air and delivered a mean elbow to Genie’s soft marshmallow belly. I told her she should do more sit-ups!

Hands full of sky blue hair again, Jaycee yanked Genie off the mat and stood her up to finish her off. Genie could barely stand she was clutching at her aching stomach so bad, but Jaycee didn't have any mercy as she socked her hard in the gut doubling her over and leaving her wide open for a monster of a powerbomb! Up she went and down she came right smack in to the unforgiving canvas!


She was done for after that and Jaycee finally got her much deserved three count.

Results – Jaycee wins by Pinfall

Match # 2 – Allison Andrews vs. Jaguar Janet

Okay enough amateur hour, time for the main event! Sort of…*giggle* It’s yours truly against the one and only, mommy dearest, Jaguar Janet! Me and mom, one on one, me against her, yup…

…I was sooooo scared!

I mean, I remember watching my mom take other women apart on TV when I was like 5. Sending crazies like Susan Snake and bruisers like Lillie Lace to the hospital night after night. Now a rookie like me was gonna take her on? Mom or not she was gonna destroy me! You weren't there. You didn't see her from across the ring like I did. She was more then ready to tear into me!

The bell rang and down I went.

I mean I barely saw my mom move but I sure felt it! I was on my back in the blink of an eye and clutching my head from the tackle she laid on me. She sat up, leaned back, and really went to work on my gut next. With a few solid belly punches, I was near tears folded over in pain! My mom was relentless and psycho! She climbed off me, gave me a stomp for good measure and pulled me to my feet…by my hair! Oh my poor red hair! My maniac mom was tugging on it so hard I swear it was gonna rip right out!

Her big knee in my small stomach made me forget all about my locks though. With a grunt I fell to my knees, ready to cry, but then I saw my opening. As my mom try to put me into a headlock, I chomped down on her thigh. I sunk my pearly whites deep into her and got real nice scream from out of her. But unfortunately she got an even better groan out of me when she slammed her fists into back to escape. I stopped biting instantly and slumped to the mat.

I was done for. I mean come on what the heck was I gonna do to my mom? MY mom! THE Jaguar Janet! She was destroying me! "Oh my god!," I remember thinking, "And I just bit her! She was gonna freakin kill me! Or ground me! Or, like, something horrible!" I just laid there on my beaten belly, with her stalking around me, making me wait for the killing blow.

It never came. Thank God! My mom kicked me over to my back and just crushed me under her weight. She got the pin and the win.

Results – Jaguar Janet wins by Pinfall

Match #3 – Genie Charlotte vs. Allison Andrews

Okay…bad start for my superstar career. But hey no big deal right? I'm sure everyone's had a bad match here and there right? Right. Time to move on. I've got a best friend to beat up! Haha!

After both of us had time to catch our breath and walk off our battle scars we climbed back into ring. The bounce was gone from Genie's step and I wasn't looking to peppy anymore either. We were both all business going into the match, neither of us wanted two losses on our record for the night! We looked at each other from our corners eagerly awaiting the opening bell. I don't know if Genie was trying to be intimidating but she sure was giving me weird looks. Like alot of cold stares and, I guess, growling…maybe?

Well it didn't matter in the long run I guess becuase the bell sounded a few seconds later and we both jumped a little in our corners. Geez nervous much Allison ol' gal?

Genie and Me tied up center ring after a few cautious steps around. Y'know, I never thought of Genie as all that strong. And I guess with good reason cause she's a total pushover! I mean I hoisted her up into the air in no time and bodyslammed her no problem! I followed up with a belly flop and tried for a quick pin. I got to one before Genie started squirming and thrashing like a spaz to escape. She manged to grab me around the neck and tried to roll me up for a quick pin. Nuh uh don't thin so babe! I got out just after the one count and tumbled with her all cross the canvas.

I got her to her feet with a handful of blue hair and tossed her into the corner. I planted a sweet foot to her gut and followed up with a monkey flip. Now that I had her on her back again I wanted to try a submission hold, specifically the Boston crab. But Genie saw it coming and the second I grabbed both her legs to turn her over she pushed me into the ropes. I sprang off and she was waiting for me with a monkey flip of her own.

UGH! Now I was on my back with Genie looming over me. She grabbed my head with both hands and turned me over onto my stomach she could sit down on my back. I felt her scrawny butt hit my spine and then I felt a jolt of lightning pain as she pulled back on my neck! She had me in a move called…um…a recliner, I think? Well whatever it was it hurt like hell! Genie kept asking me for a submission but I kept refusing to give it to her.

I finally noticed the ropes only an arm's length away from me. I reached out and held onto it for dear life, escaping the hold and forcing Genie to release me. Cause, you know, it's the rules and junk. well she let go but gave me a wicked kick to the ribs when I tried to get up. You brat Genie!

She stepped away as I climbed up the ropes. I turned to meet her and we locked up again. This time we were head to head, really struggling to get control of the match. I looked her straight in the eye and with all my might shoved her skinny butt into the corner. Once there I delivered a sweet knee to her midsection and followed it up with a little playful hair pulling. Hey dont give me that look! She kicked me when I was down! That wasn't cool!

Anyway I turned her around and shoved her again into the corner face first. I positioned myself behind her puling her arms toward me and really rocked her when I fell onto my back and drove my knee into hers. It was a text book backstabber hold and I knew after that brutal match with Jaycee, Genie wouldn't last long. But like a rookie I totally forgot about that stupid rope rule and Genie managed to get her foot on the bottom. I broke the match winning hold (it so was!) and got to my feet to try something else.

I couldn't really think of anything interesting to do to her so, y'know, I figured when in doubt, BODYSLAM! Genie was clutching her back as I picked her up and was in even more pain when I smashed her right back into the mat. Then it hit me. I saw Genie writhing around on the canvas and knew just how to put her down. I stepped up by her head and wrapped both of my gorgeous legs around her neck. I twisted her body around so she couldn't just crawl away either and grab a rope. Plus i wanted her to look me in the eye and tell me I won. *giggle*


Results – Allison Andrews wins by KO

Match #4 – Jaycee Terrace vs. Jaguar Janet

Results - Jaguar Janet wins by Pinfall

Match #5 – Genie Charlotte, Allison Andrews, Jaycee Terrace vs. Jaguar Janet

Results – Jaguar Janet wins by Triple Pinfall

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